Emanuel Palmeri

Headshot of Emanuel Palmeri

Emanuel joined CJDP on 10thAugust, 2015 as  CAD Manager

Emanuel has been working in the capacity of a CAD Technician for 15 years, and as a Revit MEP Technician for over 6 years, for Architectural & Building Services Engineering firms. He has been involved in various types of projects, primarily in the Commercial sector and partly in the Residential sector.

While working at CJDP  he has worked on a number of Hugo Boss projects and has implemented a Revit (BIM) design (in coordination with Senior Engineer Paul O’Neil) for the Ministry of Justice prison facility in the South East of England.

What is your personal approach to engineering?

‘I feel that you must approach engineering projects with a lot of focus on the details, so that the end product is an accurate representation of the intended design. BIM modelling is the future of design, and I am very interested in developing that service at CJ Design Partnership, Ltd.’

Outside of work Emanuel  likes to spend time with his family, and also enjoys listening to music and trying to relax. He would like to get more involved in volunteering to help people who are vulnerable.